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Are Treasuries at 3% Good News?

Shutterstock photo (New York) Here is a tough question to judge-are Treasury bonds yielding 3% good news or bad for the markets? Investors themselves haven’t made up their minds. At first the prospect of rising yields spooked investors, but they have recently grown much more tolerant. While at first investors were shy about rising rates […]

Rising Treasury Yields Make Dollar Attractive Asset

Shutterstock photo The U.S. Dollar closed higher against a basket of currencies on Tuesday, attempting pull away from three-year lows set last week as traders trimmed some of their bearish bets against the U.S. currency. March U.S. Dollar Index futures settled at 89.636, up 0.623 or +0.70%. Investors were also reacting to higher U.S. Treasury […]

High Yield ETFs Demonstrate Formidable Strength

Shutterstock photo There is a saying on Wall Street that “credit leads.” The meaning of this adage is that high yield investments are often the first to falter during a significant downturn.  Junk bonds, bank loans, and other riskier types of debt have often been analogized to the canary in the coal mine when gauging […]

Treasury Yields Hit Four-Year High as Losses Mount

Shutterstock photo (New York) The market did something that seems quite odd yesterday. Despite inflation coming out ahead of expectations and Treasury bonds commensurately selling off, stocks rose strongly. It was the first time the two asset classes had moved in significantly opposite directions in some time. Yields on the ten-year bond extended their four-year […]

Goldman Warns of Treasury + Stock Market Calamity

Shutterstock photo (New York) Goldman Sachs put out a big warning to the market yesterday. The bank’s fixed income division says that it thinks yields on ten-year Treasuries are going to rise to 3.5% within two quarters as the Fed continues to hikes rates and the market sells off. Goldman called its prediction “not very […]

Junk Bonds are Starting to Plunge Too

Shutterstock photo (New York) So far all the attention of the selloff has been confined to two major areas: Treasury bonds, and to a greater extent, equity markets. Treasuries have stabilized a bit given all the turmoil in equities, but one of the areas investor need to watch carefully is junk bonds. The more equity-like […]

Fed Speakers Unrattled by Stock Market Volatility

Shutterstock photo The U.S. Dollar posted its biggest one-day gain in more than three months against a basket of major currencies on Wednesday, helped by higher U.S. Treasury yields and geopolitical concerns in Europe. Gains may have been limited due to the stock market recovery which diminished its safe-haven appeal. U.S. Treasury Markets U.S. government […]