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Lead Meetings More Effectively By Leveraging Technology

Shutterstock photo Meetings pose an ongoing challenge for business leaders. The goal is to lead meetings more efficiently. However, that’s easier said then done. Although they’re a necessary part of effective communication and collaboration, meetings can easily become a drudgery for attendees. For years, interoffice meetings meant handing out a paper-based agenda. Participants would take […]

Manufacturing Businesses: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Shutterstock photo Technology startups dominate the headlines. Yet there are still many other industries that continue to power this country behind the scenes. Some have dismissed manufacturing in the U.S. as a dying industry, but changes are already underway. For example, places like the so-called Rust Belt are finding innovative ways to keep manufacturing alive. […]

The Customer What Customer Syndrome Part I

Shutterstock photo Here’s a classic business maxim that was an article of faith for generations: “It’s essential to know at all times what your competition is doing, or you might lose old accounts and new prospects.” Do you still worry about the competition? In the Age of the Customer, an obsession with the competition can […]

5 Skills You Need To Master If You Want To Excel In Business And Life

Shutterstock photo Regardless how successful or experienced you are, you can always learn new skills. Most people tend to focus on skills that are marketable. Meaning they can use them to trade time for money. Things like software development, content marketing, and design are all examples of marketable skills. Then there are skills that benefit you well beyond your […]