A few years ago a group of Professional Traders started trading online together. They developed a program that analyzes the relationship between four Emini Futures Indices and a system to capture consistent profits in the futures markets. This system allows them to remain profitable through all types of market conditions.

MOMENTUM TRADING SYSTEMS uses the same program and system these Professional Traders developed, along with a “common sense” type of trading strategy, to make a full time income trading just a few hours a day.

Our members receive this analysis, which includes entry and exit points and trading strategies each morning before the U.S. Cash Markets open in the EMINI MORNING REPORT.

In the MOMENTUM TRADING ROOM members are able to listen to Professional Traders setup and discuss the trading opportunities in the markets. This Trading Room is for both novice and experienced traders but you’ll need to have a couple of hours available each morning (we trade from 8:30 to 10:30 am Central U.S. Time) to join us in the Trading Room.