One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading

This is one of the best book I ever read on the markets. Mike guides you into the world of prop trading, explaining in great detail how it is.
There is a lot to learn reading this book. While there are only relatively marginal teachings about how to practically trade, there are many advices on how to succeed in this tough world. This is because if you want to know exactly what they do you have to purchase their expensive training programs. I think they are worthy every penny anyway.

Reading this book I learned that tape reading is a key skill to make money, even though no one talks about it. It is really a forgotten skill and it is very hard to find who can teach you. There is also an entire chapter devoted to maximizing your profits that is very helpful.
There are many concepts you will find only in the best books on trading. Mike explains very well why and how traders succeed and how traders fail, with many many anecdotes about him and his traders.

Frankly, I did not expect Mike and Steve, the founder at SMB to be so patient. They really care about the traders they train and would do whatever it takes to make you succeed. Also I did not know how much money prop firms invest on the traders before they become profitable. They think a trader is a very valuable resource and are willing to invest a lot of time and money on the worthy candidates.