Survivor’s Guide to Investing

Wall Street Survivor – the world’s largest stock market simulator brings to you the essential guide to Investing.


Wall Street Survivor was founded with one mission – Demystifying Financial Education.

The company, based in Montreal, started with a stock market simulator to help traders practice in real world environment with virtual cash. Over the course of 5 years, it has developed a massive user base that exceeds 1.3 million traders, investors and wall street students.

60,000 Trades in a Day

There are times when the virtual stock market, that operates on NYSE & Nasdaq, processes over 60,000 transactions in a day.  That is a lot of volume, if you come to think of it. These trades are on a variety of stocks and options, and represent careful and meticulous research on part of its traders.

They can continue to take larger risks without losing real money and sharpen their strategy

Data Analysis

The team at Wall Street Survivor started to build data models around these trades and patterns started to emerge. These patterns resulted in meaningful insights on why some trades were successful, and what was the mindset of a trader while making a bet on a losing stock.

Result: Survivor’s Guide to Investing

As a result of this analysis, editors and business analysts at Wall Street Survivor have put together this comprehensive guide to investing.  It starts with the most fundamental qualities that you need to become a successful trader, and goes all the way to deep technical analysis of charts and patterns.

This book is meant to be a comprehensive guide for beginners, as well as experienced traders.  It helps understanding the macro economy and factors that effect the markets on a minute by minute basis.

For a limited time only, this book is being made available free of cost exclusively to DayTraders.Finance subscribers.

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