Felton Trading Newsletter

Felton Trading is a futures day trading educational school that is owned and operated by Roger and Beverly Felton. The business is located at a residential address in Victoria, Texas.

The day trading school has three components: a live day trading room, video lessons on technical analysis, and a suite of indicators that have been developed by Roger Felton.

Every trader knows that successful trading is an acquired skill and Felton Trading is the only internationally recognized training institution that offers the unlimited daily training and personal lifetime mentorship that enables traders to achieve their full potential as a professional trader.   Come visit us in the Felton Training Room at no cost or obligation and learn more about consistently successful trading than most traders learn in an entire expensive trading course.

Everything about Felton Trading is unique and not found anywhere else and that difference is what gives our student traders a big edge. Seeing high potential trades that are invisible to most other traders. From our inimitable charts to the powerful and accurate techniques that we use, get set for an entirely new and exquisitely simple way to trade, taught by one of the top trading masters in the industry.  Click on the video (left) and you will begin to understand the rewarding difference it makes when you know the exact time to enter a trade, the precise stop placement and the “to the tick” knowledge of your profit targets on every trade you take!

Be sure to take notes of anything you do not understand.  Then be our special guest in our Live Market Training Room and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions in clear and complete detail.

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