Bradstafford Newsletter

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I hope my ‘about me’ page has lead you to want to contact me more to see how I can help YOU become more successful in what you do!

About US

Brad’s just a family man and marketing guy…

He launched to provide the best in email marketing funnels, affiliate management and advice, marketing insight and processes, and ad management for the TOP players in the financial and trading niches. Brad’s ultimate goal? Providing the opportunity for industry experts to be more profitable and efficient in ALL they do.

Timing is Everything!  The Brad of started early in his quest to fulfill his desire to understand how to do, what to do, when to do, for premium results!  Even with his paper route as a kid.  He attributes his satisfied clients to a fundamental principle – develop real long-lasting relationships.

His mantra – Talk and Listen and Care and Act!

His  route to becoming one of the more-recognized authorities in marketing and affiliate management (in a remarkably short period of time) is notable. Like most recognized authorities in any field, he continues to refine and offer his skills and expertise to meet the demands of his clients. It’s about staying current and setting up new markers on the path for him and his clients. He gives clients what they want interwoven with what they need with quantifiable results.

“I’m focused on the success of my clients – their success.
That will be the key to mutual success.”

And, It Works! Read the real testimonials from some of the most successful people in the financial trading industry.

Marketing is ever-evolving. However, Brad has one unwavering, sacrosanct approach. He decided at the beginning that his and his team’s approach would be very hands-on. We’re always plugged in!  We take relationships very seriously as we can grow a small fish into a HUGE one!

 Real life, real experience, real expertise means real growth.