A membership to the Shecantrade Live Trading Room provides real time access to consistent options trades. Members benefit from watching professional options traders place live trades in their real accounts. You will learn the ins and outs of options trading in an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

Shecantrade, began as a way to showcase how well Sarah can actually trade because she can trade. The approach and message is clear, this is a trading community for everyone and it is all about empowering you to improve your trades. The site has grown over the years as more and more traders soon realised how simple and straightforward trading this way can be.

SheCanTrade is a live, options and futures day trading room that is moderated by Sarah Potter. The live day trading service has three levels: (1) $119 per month for trades via text, (2) $197 per month for text trades and to watch live screen trading, (3) $497 per month per month for text trades, live screen trading, and personalized conversations with Sarah.

In addition to these interactive trading options, Sarah also sells a wide range of indicators and informational videos that include the following:

  • Trend Indicators: $497 to $997
  • Trading Indexes and ETF’s: 4 hour video $497
  • Futures Trading: 4 hour video $497
  • Trading Options Consistently: 6 hour video $597
  • Trading At The Money: 3 hour video $497
  • Options Trading For Profit: 13 hour video $797
  • Options Foundations: 3 hour video $397
  • How I Use Charts To Trade: 4 hour video $149
  • Options On Futures: 3 hour video $397
  • Debit Spreads: 2 hour video $397
  • Maximizing Your Success Trading Puts and Calls: 2 hour video $197-$397
  • Sarah’s Essential Options Trading Strategies For Volatile Markets: 2 hour video $97

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