The Lincoln List

What is The Lincoln List? The company is a one-man trading company, owned by Doug Rumer. The Lincoln List offers the following day trading products and services:

  • Live Day Trading Room $79.95 per month.
  • Trading As An Art DVD $99.
  • Champ Camp “How to make trading a career in less than 3 months” $999.
  • Clique Fund Access $2500.

Our live room opens each morning at 9:00am EST. We begin by going over market news, impacting events that happened overnight, and a list of the best alpha stocks to trade according to our custom pre market scanners. Our scanners are posted live in the trade room and I usually go through about 200 charts prior to market open and select 4 to 5 that fit our trading style best. Once the stocks are selected we begin building a plan on how we will trade these stocks once the market opens. This includes position sizes, risk, and trade variations.

Once the market opens I broadcast the action of our selected stocks as well as any fast moving stocks, immediate news events, and my actual trades. Remember you see all of this on screen.This way you understand exactly what it is I am looking at and what my thoughts are about what is happening in real time. Once I decide to enter a trade I announce my entry price, the side of the trade I am on ( long or short ), my position size or initial investment, my max risk/stop out point, and my profit target. When that has been announce I briefly show each member the chart set up so they understand the reasons for the trade. Because the market is ever changing I will frequently update all the members to any change in the trades. Sometimes the trades will be quick ( 1 to 4 minutes ) and sometimes they may last close to an hour. Nevertheless I will maintain a constant feed of information until the trade is closed.

After the market is closed I make myself available for at least an hour to talk about the trades that we made. Help the members review their trades and talk about any market topic a member may have. This helps us review the info and our trades while it is still fresh in our minds. A few hours after that each member will receive a game plan video in their email. This video will briefly run down the days market action and take a look a set ups for the next day. We repeat this process every day.


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