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When traditional sources of income in retirement no longer reliably yield enough money to live off of, retirees don’t have a lot of alternatives that can be a safe source of income. Go back into the workforce? Downsize by selling-off assets and belongings? Depend on their children for support?
Why do any of that? Why not put what you’ve already saved for retirement to work for you in a way that most people don’t think to? Why not be a little rebellious about earning more in retirement? You’re likely thinking “sure, but how?”
We’ve got an unexpected answer for you: trading options. Yes, options. Most investors are afraid of options, but they don’t know what we know, and that is that if you understand how to trade options in a safe way, they can generate more income than traditional fixed-income investing sources used to under normal market conditions. And guess what? Options remain a great income generating source even when the economy isn’t doing its best.
Rebel Income is a subscription-based income system available to Investiv Inner Circle members that will teach you how to use options—and a handful of other trading strategies—to generate the kind of income that enables you to live better in retirement for years to come.

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