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Take the free trial of our stock pick service to see if it is right for you.  The Bandit Blueprint stock newsletter applies technical analysis to stock charts to produce swing trading candidates.  These stock trading candidates are highlighted in The Bandit Blueprint, a nightly feature for subscribers.

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About Us

If you want to become a better-equipped trader, if you’re struggling to improve, if you’re having a hard time getting to the next level…you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the deal…

You have to build your skills to compete as a trader, but you also need to understand the mindset of the market in order to employ the appropriate techniques at the right time. We can help you do this through several avenues here:

The first is through our stock trading courses where we’ll equip you to trade in any kind of environment you might face.

The next is through our stock pick service, where we’ll define for you our trading plan for tomorrow, the trades we’ll be making, the levels where we’ll make the trades, and the reasons behind the trades. Looking over the shoulder of a veteran professional trader will teach you something every night.

Finally, for those who need direct, one-on-one help with their trading, we offer trader coaching to help you eliminate mistakes, plan better, and prepare for each trading session.

Access Our Experience

We’ve been featured in numerous media outlets highlighting our expertise on trading, and while that’s nice, the real benefit for you is to gain direct access to us, our trading plan, and our experience.

As a subscriber to our stock pick service or as a student enrolled in our stock trading courses, you’ll be able to interact directly with a professional trader to enhance your skills and progress as a trader. In fact, if you’re not improving and learning as a trader here, then we’re not doing our job!

Communication here is a 2-way street, so this isn’t some mysterious system for you to blindly follow. We want to educate you and prepare you for whatever you’ll face, and we have the experience and skills to do that. We’ll teach you what to look for in a good trade, how to locate your own, and understand when to make adjustments. So naturally, your questions are expected and welcomed here.


I’m Jeff White, the technical analyst who founded The Stock Bandit back in 2004. I started trading in 1998 and became a full-time trader in 2000. My trading style has evolved over the years, which is a necessity in the markets.

The aim of our service is to teach you why we’re making the trades we make, day after day. By not only showing you the levels and the patterns, you also understand why these trades are being made, which will help you far beyond tomorrow’s trading session.


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